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Sins of the Lines

A Novel 

Everyone has something to hide—and someone has nothing to lose …


Nia Bryant has waited her entire life for this moment—the day when she and her line sisters are revealed as the newest members of Kappa Theta Theta sorority. It’s supposed to be the happiest day of her life … except Nia Bryant is missing …


With no clues left behind except for her abandoned car, Detective Chris Evans and his partner have very little to go on when they receive the assignment. The case makes national headlines, and the detectives know that they only have one chance to get this right. Nia Bryant isn’t your typical victim, and girls like her don’t just disappear—at least not by choice.


But as they start to peel back the layers of her life, they discover that the missing student has secrets of her own—secrets that give several people motive to want her gone.


Lies, betrayals, and long buried secrets are unearthed—revealing a twisted crime rooted in revenge that no one saw coming.


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